Disfiguration Of Our Mind: A Series Where You’ll Learn How to Repair Your Mind And Soul

Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc
5 min readMar 29, 2022


The beauty of our mind is often replaced by the busyness of our days

I decided to do things a little bit differently for this article. There’s a concept I’ve been wanting to share with you; however, I know it won’t be all explained nor tackled in one article. Where came the idea of starting a series of articles and events titled “Disfiguration of our mind”.

I don’t know yet if it is going to be a monthly series or whatnot, but what I know is I’m feeling compel to mention my perspective and explore different avenues to share this content.

I want to start a specific conversation. A conversation that is going to probably put you and I on the “hot” seat. And, if not on the “hot” seat, then it will, from time to time, put us a little bit uncomfortable — personally, I am totally fine with that.

Let’s start with what do I mean by “DISFIGURATION” of our mind?

Well, I am glad you ask because it can bring a little bit of a “WHAT?”, “DISFIGURATION of what again?”

Don’t worry, you’ll soon learn what I am talking about. My hope is that you’re not going to shy away from this conversation and that just like me, you’ll learn more and more and be opened to join what I’m foreseeing to be quite of an interesting ride.

What do I mean by “DISFIGURATION” of our mind?

To understand this “new” concept, we have to know what disfiguration means. I believe, most of us have somewhat of an idea of its meaning. Even if we’re unable to explain it specifically, we’ve already formed a visual of its meaning in our mind.

According to, Cambridge dictionary, disfigure means “to spoil the appearance, of something or someone, especially their face, completely”.

The Collin English dictionary refers to disfigure as “to hurt the appearance or attractiveness of; deform; mar”.

And lastly, disfigurement according to law insider signifies “impairment of or injures the beauty, symmetry, or appearance of a person or thing; that which renders unsightly, misshapen, or imperfect, or deforms in some manner”.

Despite having a better understanding of what disfiguration may mean, you may still not get what or where I am going with this. I want you to think of it like this, if our face or body can be subject of disfiguration because of an accident, birth defect, or something else, then our mind can also be subjected to disfiguration. The thing though, with our mind, it is not as easily seen as with our physical appearance.

You are not able to approach someone and tell them “geez, what happened to your mind? It is quite disfigured”. And although I hope you would still not approach someone who had a facial or body disfigurement like that, when it is visible, a conversation can take place more easily. But when it is your mind that is suffering, then you will oftentimes suffer in SILENCE.

Why am I wanting to use the term “DISFIGURATION”?

I honestly believe it makes sense. And not only does it make sense, it speaks volume to many people. Most of us have encountered different level of difficulty throughout our lives. Whether it is from childhood or just recently, most people have lived plenty already. People are HURT and although many are still not willing to address their pain, it does not change the fact that it is there, buried or alive in people’s mind.

Metaphorically speaking, many have been “disfigured” in their mind. Their mind is impaired and asymmetric. They have lost the attractiveness of what a healthy, productive, enthusiastic, and happy mind looks like.

By starting this conversation, I am aiming at helping people with their “disfigurement” of their mind. I want people to know that there are others, just like them, who at one point in their lives, felt, thought, or behave like them. They did as such because they did not know otherwise. They did not necessarily know they were hurting themselves in the long run. They ignored their mind was silently keeping tab of it all.

Little by little, the “disfiguration” of their mind took place. Oftentimes very subtle at first. But as “life happened” as they say, their “disfiguration” also grew. Still not necessarily visible, it showed itself in different ways; negative self-talk, substance and/or food abuse, doubts and excuses, and so forth.

The next thing you know is that your mind has changed yet you don’t necessarily know how or what exactly happened to it.

I am not a doctor nor a plastic surgeon, however what I am is someone who can empathize and help others find new alternatives to what they are going through.

I reframe concepts and perspectives so people can acquaint themselves better with their situations. I invite people to rethink of themselves and their circumstances differently. And yes, it is often uncomfortable for those who are willing to take on the opportunity to advance on their life journey, yet uncomfortable does not mean impossible.

What is NEXT after this article?

In truth, I don’t know exactly. What I know is that I am willing to converse and start something new. I am willing to attempt different avenues to get the word out and to let people know about their “disfiguration” of their mind.

A long time ago, I realized when people are trailblazers or when they dare to do things that most wouldn’t do, they build confidence. It provides them with the opportunity to see their personal growth all while witnessing the growth of all of those who chose to follow them — the ones who dare, the trailblazers.

Whether people follow trailblazers or the ones who dare to do things differently because they are curious, trust them, or because they want to see them fail does not really matter. What matters is by doing what it is in their heart, trailblazers and people who dare to do things differently — touch and help people, and that is WORTH everything.

I will conclude by saying that I am excited for this new conversation. I look forward to the first speaking platform of the “disfiguration” of our mind. I know I am daring and that is exciting.

Until my next article, re-read this one and let your mind think for a few minutes and ask yourself — Have I disfigured my mind with some of my thoughts and actions?

And you know what, the answers will probably be YES you have.



Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc

Founder and CEO of CAPTIVATE MY DAY, loving life to its fullest