We may not have to reinvent the wheel but we can still reinvent ourselves!

The Roadmap Of Reinventing Yourself

Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc


What is Beyonce, Madonna, and Cher have in common?

What is Tom Bray, LeBron James, and Roger Federer have in common?

What is Apple, Amazon, and Facebook have in common?

ALL continuously reinvent themselves. They test things out, risk new ideas, and push their boundaries into new fields and areas.

However, reinventing ourselves is not SOLELY reserve to entertainers, athletes, and entrepreneurs; it is available to ANYONE who wants to improve themselves and live a LIFE that is reflective of what they’ve envisioned for themselves.

Then the question is not who can reinvent themselves but why should we reinvent ourselves and how can we reinvent ourselves?

In the following lines, you’ll get a better idea of what reinventing yourself is, but also how it can truly help you raise your own standards and vision for yourself.

What’s the reasons behind reinventing yourself?

Reason #1: Understanding

When you take time to think about what you are doing and what you’ve been doing, it gives you a deeper understanding on if it is what you want to continue doing.

Sometimes, we’ve been so accustomed to do things a certain way that we forget things can even be done differently.

For example, I often do my track workouts at the same track every week knowing there’re plenty of tracks I can actually go to. Tracks that are better quality or where there is less shading areas (I love the sun and the heat) or where there’re artificial turfs (which is always easier on the joints when you want to do some specific stuff). Which means, because I like the convenience of certain tracks, I will choose to train there but at the same time, it is possible some of my choices actually restrain me. What I mean by that is I, sometimes, choose to train where I will not be interrupted by people wanting to talk and converse with me yet knowing such environment can actually elevate my practices because it can allow me to work on my concentration and how I can block “outside noise”.

You see, in these instances, I am not reinventing myself. On the contrary, I fall on what is comfortable and predictable. However, when I choose different training times and specific tracks where more people tend to be present, it forces me to attempt new things. It challenges me and provides me with the opportunity to be in a new environment where I AM reinventing myself.

Reason #2: Growing

Growth is part of life. It is something we all go through. It is an endless journey whether we understand it or not.

When you choose to reinvent yourself, you break foreseeable and unforeseeable barriers. You’re allowing yourself to do things differently but also to — see things differently.

If you’re used to talk to yourself in a negative manner for example, when you choose to reinvent yourself you then choose to talk to yourself differently. You may not be used to all the positive reinforcement and empowering mantras yet you dare yourself to attempt. You start your day with a motto, you write positive affirmations in your journal or on a piece of paper, or you choose to start your day by saying ‘Good morning beautiful/handsome” while smiling big at your reflection.

When you reinvent yourself, your thoughts, actions, and behavior change. You become more aware of what’s going on around you, but also within you. You begin positioning yourself in ways that help you grow toward your goals instead of making you regress and not advance further.

Your presence also changes. You are more “there”, in the moment. Your energy vibrates more — you’re more intentional with what you want to say and do.

Overall, you’re changing gear. You picking up momentum and speed.

You’re learning, practicing, and doing things in ways that may surprise you yet those ways are pushing you forward.

How to start reinventing yourself?

How #1: Ask yourself if you’ve already reinvented yourself?

I know you’re already familiar with “you don’t have to reinvent the wheel”.

Well, it is quite true.

More than likely you’ve changed over the last few years and even maybe over the last few months. Look back at what were those changes.

Did you start to eat differently? Did you incorporate a new workout routine in your already packed schedule? Have you changed job? Have your children started a new school or programs? Have you ended or started a new relationship? Or maybe it is something completely different from what I just mentioned.

Whatever happened in these last years or months, take time to reflect and see how you chose or were “forced” to choose new ways of doing things.

When changes occur in our lives, whether expected or unexpected, we have to think about what we want to do and how we want to do them. It gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and “play” with our new reality.

Because you don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel, there maybe things you were successful with when your reality changed that you’re wanting to use again. Or maybe, it’s the contrary and you want to get rid of old habits and unproductive behavior and thoughts. If that’s the case, go ahead and remove all of what is not needed for your mind to grow and expand.

How #2: Be willing to fall “flat on your face”

It is important to take ourselves seriously yet not too seriously. As you’re reinventing yourself, you’ll have times (many times) where it won’t work or where it seems as it is not working. You’re going to make mistakes — that’s inevitable.

The thing is you have to understand it will not always go your way. And even when it does, other things can come along and change the course of your own road and journey. But all of that is ok as it is part of the process or game plan of reinventing yourself.

Imagine you’ve now been on a roll for weeks as your days are more productive and you’re getting more confident about your attitude and abilities, but then your family dynamic starts to change or you’re experiencing a bunch of changes in your work environment. You still feel somewhat confident but the more you attempt to adapt to the new changes, the more you start to fall behind and the more you see your “old self and habits” peeking through.

You see — things are going to happen and you’re going to attempt a millions of things. But, at the same time, you’re using those changes as practice set or warm-up sets because they are part of your road and journey.

I will end by saying when you look at Beyonce, Madonna, Cher, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Roger Federer, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook — they all reinvented themselves, and more times that we can count.

They ventured out of their comfort zone. They tested things. They succeeded and failed. Yet they are still there STANDING tall and continuing to push their own boundaries and limits.

Which means, reinventing ourselves is not limited to those only few. It is an opened market. You’ve done it before and I know you can do it again.

On my end, I am excited and will continue to reinvent myself. It is my desire you do the same. You choose your pace of reinvention — know though, it is all within your grip.



Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc

Founder and CEO of CAPTIVATE MY DAY, loving life to its fullest