The Truth Behind How You’re Doing

We know the following question is a very common question yet I invite you to really ponder on it.

How are you doing today?

In full disclosure and transparency, how are you feeling?

There is so much to process with this simple question. Still, we often push it aside and deny its importance. ​

You see, most people automatically reply “I’m fine”, “I’m doing pretty good”, “I’m ok”. Interestingly, very rare are the people who are truly putting serious thinking and emotional power behind their answers.

But you are not like most people, lol!! Re-read that question and genuinely study your response. See, if in truth, you stand by what you say.

If not, there is no shame. Sit and reflect on why you’re so eager to say you are fine when, in reality, you are not.

And if you are really doing good, reflect on which words were selected to describe how you were feeling. Did you use powerful words like “fantastic”, “amazing”, “blessed”. Or were they more ambiguous words like “ok”, “alright”, “you know, I’m doin”, etc.

By digging more than its surface, you’ll allow yourself to connect, to think, and to feel. But, best of all, you’ll learn to create a deeper relationship between your mind and your heart.

What was your initial response to that question?

Was it truly the answer you wanted to give?



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Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc

Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc

Founder and CEO of CAPTIVATE MY DAY, loving life to its fullest