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What Did 2022 Showed You?

Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc
6 min readDec 26, 2022


I must admit, 2022 was a transformational year. From politics to the economy, to sports, to human awareness, to mental health, and other interesting subjects that have caught our attention, I choose, or at least, for this piece, to discuss the personal side of our growth.

As I am typing these first sentences, a roller coaster of emotions is felt within me because I am realizing that not too long ago everything was shot down. The entire world was shifting in directions most people were not ready for. We’re now more than two years later.

OMG, it passed by quickly, or at least, from where I’m standing.

A few days ago, I felt compelled to write something. At the time, I did not really know what I wanted to say, but one thing seemed clear, I wanted to address the changes, the emotional and mental changes people have gone through since the beginning of the year and how we, as individuals, have demonstrated our strengths and weaknesses.

The thing though, even if you feel you’re full of weaknesses, it does not mean it is a bad thing. In fact, those weaknesses of yours could have been in your best interest this year. Maybe it allowed you to see things you had never seen before. Maybe it provided you with extra wisdom and understanding.

Guess what though? By reading this article, I’ll help you have a better comprehension of your 2022.

Through these next lines, we’ll address who you’ve been this year, who you might want to be next year, and what impact you would like to create in 2023.

After all, we’re only a few days away from a new year. If we intend to do the exact same things we’ve been doing in 2022, there’s a chance we’ll miss the boat in 2023.

Yet, it all depends on the type of boat you’re looking to embark on, lol.

Let’s get to it!!!

Who were you in 2022?

In 2022, I cherished my opportunity to help others see what they could become. I felt strongly about rebuilding people’s foundation after more than two years of unexpected changes.

I value life and believe everyone has a story that they attach themselves to. However, I’ve come to realize, many stories and circumstances we experience are kept a little too close to our heart which does not necessarily benefit our personal and professional growth in the long-haul.

With that being said, who have you been in 2022?

Have you been someone who relied on their sense of humor to digest what life has thrown at you?

Have you been someone whose patience has been running thin yet without knowing how to thicken it back up?

Have you been able to appreciate the time spent with your family and other loved ones?

Have you seen yourself complain or be more pessimistic about your own life and circumstances?

In truth, there are many angles to oneself. What you experienced in 2022 may have been similar to what you’ve been experiencing in the last few years, but it could have also been completely different.

The thing is, are you proud of who you were this year?

Did you give yourself the opportunity to better yourself or did your non-transformational year cost you various unfortunate decisions?

The good news is whether you feel happy with your 2022 or believe it was a complete disaster, you have the ability to make next year better.

You may think, well Martine, this is easier said than done. Trust, I get you. You’re right, I am not you and I did not live what you lived. But guess what, you are not me either and have not lived what I lived. Which means, our differences or similarities can make us stronger. It can help us think and behave differently. It can give us the strength we need to make some adjustments.

You may want to read the whole article before making your final decisions, lol.

Who do you want to be in 2023?

Personally, I want to become a better life student.

I want to emerge myself in deeper physical, mental, and emotional knowledge of self and others. I want to expand my vision of impacting others because I want to touch others like I have never done before.

At the same time, I know to accomplish these visions, I have to allow myself to fail, to make mistakes after mistakes, to laugh at my losses and smile at my wins. I have to mature in ways that may make me uncomfortable yet understand this journey is part of who I am at that moment. Some principles will remain while others will be left alone.

Interestingly, such above statements are bold and unapologetic. In my mind, they have to be, otherwise we’ll put ourselves back to where we were.

What is your statement?

What are you willing to say publicly to allow yourself to be who you want to be?

Do you feel boxed-in as if you’re unable to express your true desire for 2023?

Does your mind align with your words, emotions, and actions so you can surpass yourself next year?

Or are you having a challenging time finding the proper words, emotions, and actions which may limit you, at the moment, to think further, to think productively?

I know at this time last year, I wanted and believed I would write one article a week in 2022. I was very adamant about it too, lol. But little did I know that I had various opportunities that I felt were important for me to live if I wanted to become a better writer, a better impactful person. Nonetheless, I still wrote 11 articles in 2022 (12 with this one). Way less than the 54 I wanted to write. Still though, I am happy to have had the opportunity to write those 11 articles. Because each of them has touched someone. Each time, I received comments, thumbs up, and stories about how the words written in those articles have made people think a little deeper than what they’ve thought before.

At the end of the day, we are bettering ourselves by setting goals that are above us. Goals that appear crazy, yet they may not be that crazy after all.

Those goals are crazy to who?

In my case, writing 54 articles was a crazy idea, a crazy goal that I felt I was crazy enough to accomplish. I like the crazy part of us. It makes us put effort where we would not put effort in if we were not a little cray cray.

Let that crazy you come out in 2023!!!

Your 2023 impact looks like what?

When you’re done reading this article, I want you to write some things down. I want you to think about the word IMPACT.

What does it mean to you?

Have you ever considered yourself as an impactful person? If so, who have you impacted and in which ways have you changed that person or those peoples’ lives?

Are there specific things you would like to say or do that would make the impact you want to create within yourself and in others more powerful?

Keep the sheet you’ll be writing on. Don’t discard it. It is an important piece of who you are going to be in 2023 and it should be known as such.

I would like to conclude by reminding you no matter how successful or not your 2022 has been, 2023 gives you the opportunity to start over, modify, and adjust yourself like you never did before.

2023 does not have to be dull, unproductive, and forgettable unless you want it to be.

I know I will do my best and more to surpass myself and appreciate what I am about to learn. I may not like every single lesson I will be face with, but it does not change the fact that those lessons will be part of my 2023 path of impacting myself and others at a deeper level.

I am excited for you and know you’ll learn plenty of new things as well. Have fun, smile, cry, and understand the emotions you’re about to experience can break or build you. You’re the one deciding which direction you prefer to go!!!



Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc

Founder and CEO of CAPTIVATE MY DAY, loving life to its fullest